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American nutritionist for coco "vindication" pure coconut oil is more healthy


Coconut trees are common trees in the tropics. Extracted from coconut meat coconut oil, a lot of people's regular consumption of tropical oils. Coconut oil contains 90% saturated fat, and intake of foods high in saturated fat is one of the main causes of high cholesterol and heart disease, it is generally considered unhealthy eating coconut.

But the president of the American Research Center, coconut, nutritionist and naturopathic doctor Bruce Pfeiffer said recently that this view is not correct. He said he also thought that the beginning of coconut oil is harmful to health, but the study found that after a large number of documents, unprocessed pure coconut oil is actually more healthy than the general cooking oil.

He explained that there are many kinds of saturated fat, and saturated fat in coconut oil is a way to prevent heart disease. In studying the eating habits and health of people around the world, is not difficult to find, often coconut or coconut oil diet ethnic composition is the lowest rate of heart disease in the world.

Pfeiffer noted, various types of fat, 98% are long chain fatty acids, but the pure coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid. Because the molecular structure is shorter than the medium chain fatty acid biomolecule long chain fatty acids, and therefore more likely to be parenterally coconut decomposition and digestion, promote metabolism. Long-chain fatty acids can be absorbed into the blood through the stomach wall, becoming LDL cholesterol, or "bad cholesterol", while coconut oil is not the case. Therefore, coconut oil does not cause blood clots, it does not cause heart disease.

Pfeiffer clinical experience suggests that pure coconut oil for some patients back to health with some help, but this effect is not only present in heart disease patients, diabetes, skin diseases and other patients also benefit. For example, he said: "People with diabetes because of the body's cells can not absorb insulin imbalance and nutritional requirements in addition to coconut oil, all other fats must have a certain presence of insulin cells in order to spread the energy to make it alive. Thus, coco avoid further deterioration of the health of people with diabetes. "

Practical results Pfeiffer also found that coconut oil can be used not only to prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, but also can be used for prevention and treatment of influenza, prevent gallbladder infection and eliminate persistent fatigue and relieve hemorrhoids. There is also information display, coconut oil can prevent gastrointestinal ulcers, slowing prostate hyperplasia, treatment of skin diseases, even cancer inhibition of hepatitis C and AIDS.

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