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Nanotechnology used in food sterilization


Japan in the laboratory successfully developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning tiles. Its surface has a thin layer of nano-Ti02, in the light irradiation, any sticky dirt on the surface, including oil, bacteria, due to catalytic TiO2 nanoparticles, these hydrocarbons wave material, made of functional films or fibers, amorphous nano-Si3N4 block has from yellow to selectively absorb near-infrared light, can also be used for special window materials, nano Si02 fiber made of more than 600nm wavelength light transmission loss of less than 10dB / km, and nano Si02 nano Ti02 made of micron-thick multilayer interference film: transparency and good: and the strong reflection infrared capability, compared with traditional halogen lamps, can save 15% of energy. These features can be used in food machinery infrared and infrared drying sterilization equipment.

The study shows that the TiO2 30--40nm dispersed into a resin film made of, become food sterilization bags and storage bags for the best raw materials below 400nm wavelength light has a strong ability to absorb ultraviolet absorbing material can be used as.

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