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"Functional oil" used in bakery


Japan has developed a good oxidative stability of the powder EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) oil, using the protein solution with the EPA oil mixture, with a high-pressure homogenizer homogenization, emulsification, spray drying derived, the product has a high thermal stability, heated at 180 ℃ 40 min, POV (peroxide value of oils and fats) and fatty acid composition of the same, made of a 10% aqueous solution of mass fraction was heated 1 h or 121 ℃ was heated 30 min at 90 ℃, EPA content and remain POV change; storing 90 days, the same fatty acid composition; Kao Corporation of Japan has also recently developed two kinds of bread and biscuits with functional oils, one is vegetable oil as raw material obtained by the action of lipase. It can be mixed with a monoglyceride emulsifier liquid crystal state becomes special edible emulsion is suitable for the production of bread. It is prepared by placing three days after bread and fresh-baked bread to join the same soft margarine; another functional oils for the synthesis of long-chain alkyl grease, the grease and a high affinity for liquid oils, liquid when it oils such as palm oil made from biscuit mix, you can avoid problems caused by oil, oily surface occurs leaving cookies out. .


Philippine coconut oil use and development of new functional oils, with fat substitutes, flavor and antibacterial properties, such as esterified three kinds of functions. The coconut oil to generate a low-calorie fat after enzyme hydrolysis of carbon-chain triglycerides (referred to as MCT), is used in baked goods have better results.

Today, a variety of functional oil products are gradually becoming commodities entering the food ingredients market, domestic enterprises should actively bakery applications, to improve the traditional process to make baked goods has been significantly improved in terms of quality and functionality, to meet the market demand, while making good economic benefits.

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