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"GM fat" food safety concern again


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people's nutrition and health importance of transgenic and non-transgenic fat foods will gradually raise awareness of distinction. More and more people began to refuse to eat genetically modified food grease. Consumers International also advocated grocer avoid using genetically modified raw materials, to encourage consumers to buy non-GM food grease.

GM foods are altered by genetic engineering of plants seeds DNA, then these modified recombination gene transfer into other plant seeds, to obtain plant species in nature does not automatically grow.

In the late 1980s, scientists began to study the results of 10 years of molecules applied to the genetically modified food, in 1995 succeeded in producing anti-weed soybeans and sold in the market. And after seven years of effort, and now they have been mass-produced using gene technology pest-resistant, anti-viral, anti-weed transgenic corn, soybeans, canola, potatoes, zucchini, etc. Currently, a major producer of genetically modified foods in the United States, Canada, European Union, South Africa and Argentina.

Everything in the world, tens of thousands of years is through nature, millions of years of screening, evolved. Wanted by means of human intervention to change the species, should carefully indeed. August 1998, British professor Pusztai found that mice fed GM potatoes after the destruction of the immune system; the United States, there are some natural enemies of pests due to transgenic plants reported death; a few years later the British newspaper "Independent" revealed the GM food giant "Monsanto" company a confidential report. The report said, eating mice transgenic maize smaller kidneys and blood composition changes, the mouse's immune system has been compromised. "Constantly because transgene reveals health problems, so that more people suspected food safety of genetically modified foods.

Genetically modified food animal damage body organs, has been confirmed Britain's leading biotechnology companies a confidential report. The safety of genetically modified foods is widespread suspicion in the following areas: 1, resulting in increased food toxins or toxin content. Some researchers believe that GM foods might increase the content of trace toxins can cause some serious genetic diseases. 2, nutrients decrease. Britain ethics and toxicity test report center, said genetically modified foods in the human body beneficial ingredients reduced 12-14%. 3, cause human allergic reactions, resulting in unpredictable consequences. The natural food does not exist the above shortcomings, the human body is relatively safe.

Ye Yongmao food safety experts have also put forward their own views: "GM foods, in theory at least five potential danger: produce toxins, cause human teratogenic or carcinogenic mutations cause an allergic reaction, causing structural imbalances in food and nutrition , so that the body become resistant, so natural and ecological imbalance, and now many European countries therefore reject genetically modified foods listed. "

It is understood that China does not reject genetically modified foods, there is a considerable portion of soybeans imported from the United States each year of transgenic technology, and use this as feed or soybean oil extraction. For this, China's Ministry of Agriculture to identify genetically modified organisms have a clear management approach to identify requirements for soybeans, corn, rapeseed, cotton seed and tomatoes and other top-five and 17 kinds of agricultural raw materials directly processed.

Under the guidance system identifies the country, a number of industry self-regulate through their own practices, but also through the implementation of new standards for the industry to implement, such as edible oil industry, the market is about 70% and 50% of soybean salad oil contains genetically modified ingredients from edible oil began last May, the new standards will facilitate consumers choose to buy. Nevertheless, whether online consumers had approved GM food conducted a survey results show that more than 70% of people do not want to choose genetically modified food.

In genetically modified foods, consumers most frequently consumed, comes edible oil. Listed on the import of genetically modified foods and has been cautious. And the people living in the most relevant of genetically modified foods is soybean salad oil. Therefore, the new national standards for edible oil, the label must indicate whether the material is genetically modified. Currently in supermarket sales of soybean cooking oil, soybean salad almost all imported from abroad transgenic soybean processing. As the mainstream consumer cooking oil, more than 90% of the ingredients are used genetically modified soybean salad oil. How to deal with this situation? Shanghai had on at the "21st Century Consumer Protection Forum", China Consumers Association official pointed out: "Whether domestic or import of genetically modified foods must be clearly marked contain a gene, so as not to those of GM foods people who are allergic eating and cause serious consequences. "

With the improvement of people's living standards, pollution, health, safety, nutrition and health is that people pursue. Honorary Director of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Wang Lianzheng transgenic fat sexy food safety to worry: "Now when the safety of genetically modified foods are still unknown, and careful consideration should eat or not eat?."

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