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Benefits of dietary fiber? Are dietary fiber can prevent colorectal cancer really do?


Research indicates that the experimental design, the different types of fiber, the conclusion will be different: the risks of dietary fiber was of colorectal cancer can be reduced, completely unrelated, or even increase the effect.

This large-scale study published in the "Journal of the American Medical Association," December 14, 2005, summarized the results of 13 prospective studies, tracking more than 725,000 people for 20 years. While scientists can not control other dietary factors studied or soluble fiber intake, they still summarize: the daily consumption of a small amount (10 grams or less) of dietary fiber people the risk of colorectal cancer increases; and a large number consumption of dietary fiber also help to reduce the risk.

The study also pointed out that only the fiber in whole grains can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer slightly, while fruits and vegetables in the fiber is invalid.

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